Winter 2021 Indoor Procedures

Due to circumstances regarding closures and rising numbers of Covid-19, we are hesitant to open registration on the website for indoor classes. So, here’s our solution. If you are interested, email us at Admin and tell us which class you want (days and times will be posted when Early Bird Registration begins on Nov 16th) and I will hold your spot.  Tuition for will be more for indoor classes due to smaller class sizes, purchasing of equipment to make the spaces safe, and other overhead at this time.

The new orders about gathering is in effect until Dec 7th.  Hopefully at that time we will be able to determine whether or not we can actually offer indoor classes.  If we can hold classes we will send out payment requests and potentially offer more indoor classes.   

Here are guidelines** by which we are going to offer in-person classes:

  • Adults wear masks – no exceptions
  • Physically distance – we will set up spaces to help with this
  • Do not come if you are sick with anything – stomach bug, cold, etc
  • Do not come if you have been exposed to Covid-19
  • If you test positive after attending class you will report this to us so we can inform families of exposure (this will be absolutely confidential)
  • Temp checks as you enter space
  • No extra people allowed – no guests, please no exceptions (we allowed this when we were outdoors, but we can’t do this for indoor classes) this means no unregistered siblings, no grandparents visiting, no cousins that are visiting, no babysitters if they aren't normally attending, etc.  If we are limited to only 25 people, then we have to take this seriously in order for these classes to work.
  • No in-person makeups – unlimited makeups will be offered via our Zoom schedule.
  • If at any time we must cancel class due to teacher illness/exposure or family exposure, federal, state, city, or county orders, classes will be moved and offered via Zoom.  We will not offer refunds, credits, or prorate if this happens. 
  • You will not hold Twinkle Together liable if you or anyone in your family contracts Covid-19 and you suspect it’s from attending class.
  • **We reserve the right to amend these procedures at any time before the session begins and/or during the session.

By enrolling you agree to ALL of these terms.

Here’s what we are going to do –

  • Teachers will wear masks
  • We are limiting enrollment
  • Physical distancing will be adhered to with spots or foam mats to designate family space - over the summer we called this a fish bowl
  • We are purchasing appropriate air filtration systems
  • We will provide all families with an instrument bundle to take for the session – it will include eggs, sticks, scarves, and play-along instruments (these are used instruments but will be cleaned and disinfected).  Please bring your instrument bundle with you to each class (a cinch bag will be provided).  You are also welcome to bring your own instruments to class.
  • Provide lots of hand sanitizer
  • Will make sure space is clean and disinfected
  • We will have considerable time in between classes for cleaning and ventilation/air filtration